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Side Boat Wakeboard Rack


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Increasing in popularity, wakeboarding has become one of the most interesting and exciting alternative sports. Like jet-skiing, it involves being pulled by a motorboat. However, in wakeboarding, instead of wearing jet-skis, one rides a floating board that bears a resemblance to a surfboard. Successful wakeboarding begins with selecting the proper equipment. However, tools only become helpful when they are used properly. As a beginner, following particular wakeboarding tips can ensure that your sessions will be totally awesome!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Before you step foot on a wakeboard, you must learn about your feet. The two main types of wakeboarding riders are regular (left foot forward) riders and goofy (right foot forward) riders. While on land, standing up, and with your feet positioned together, have someone from behind you, push you. The foot that initially moves forward almost certainly is your “lead” foot. Another way to determine your lead foot is by observing which foot you first insert into a wetsuit or pair of pants. Here is another of the wakeboarding tips: you can use this stance for other sports, such as snowboarding or skateboarding.

Board Bindings

The next of the wakeboarding tips, is to consider how to position bindings on your board. New wakeboarders should put the bindings at approximately the width of their shoulders. The back foot should be a little bit father back, to make the guiding of the wakeboard steadier.

Furthermore, your bindings’ angle also is significant. Begin with your back foot straight across the board at zero degrees, or a little forwards, at one set of holes in the baseplate (nine degrees). On the other hand, your front foot should initially be at two or three sets of holes (nine to twenty seven degrees). Still, comfort ought to be the most important guide when positioning your bindings. However, a neutral 0/0 degree stance is ideal for learning how to ride the wakeboarding backwards.

Remember to check your bindings, as well as your fins, before each wakeboarding session. Continue checking these objects from time to time, particularly after you have fallen.

When are ready to begin wakeboarding, follow these wakeboarding tips, to perform some of the sport’s most basic moves:

The Deep Water Start

Float on your back in the water, wearing a life vest. Your wakeboard must be at right angles to the rope, and each of your arms alongside your knees. Next, signal the driver to forward the boat. Thrust your knees into your chest and your front foot in the boat’s direction. As the boat accelerates, slowly stand up by stretching out your legs until the knees are bent a little. When in the standing position, turn your shoulders and hips away from the boat, and place a little more weight on your back foot.

The Backwards Fakie Revert

The next of the wakeboarding tips involves mastering the Switchstance Start (riding backwards/ fakie, or revert), as it is required for several tricks. A common method is to be in a normal position, and then push the wakeboard to revert as the boat takes off. Next, you will be ready to master Crossing the Wake and Jumping the Wake.

Wakeboarding has become on of the most thrilling and interesting of the extreme sports. By adhering to various wakeboarding tips as a beginner, you can quickly become a wakeboarding master!

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