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Side Boat Wakeboard Rack


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If you are planning to spend quality time on the water, it would be much more fun for you if you could also listen to music while you are out on the water which is why the numbers of wakeboarders opting to have wakeboard tower speakers are increasing. The look and feel of such wakeboard tower speakers are great and they help in giving extra edge especially when you make a big jump and have your favorite music greet you as you land.

Great For Others As Well

With music blaring from your wakeboard tower speakers you also will allow your friends and family to listen to you while you perform on the water which makes for added enjoyment and all you need is a good pair of speakers. In fact, there are many brands that you can choose from though the popular wakeboard tower speakers are Fusion, Skylon and also Fluid and which one you buy obviously depends on how much you can afford and also your own personal style.

Of course, you need to ensure that your wakeboard tower speakers are water resistant and also very durable and the technology used should be state-of-the-art since that would help your speakers last longer. A good set of Skylon wakeboard tower speakers will prove to be a good buy and these are generally precision two-way speakers that boast of six inch woofers as well as a single one inch tweeter - both of which provide excellence performance and are also weather resistant.

There has been considerable development work been done into creating Skylon wakeboard tower speakers and the company is now in the process of offering its Deafcon line which is an addition to the hugely popular line of Deafcon speakers and this new Deafcon Reference is setting new standards.

The best option available for you with regard to your wakeboard tower speakers is to check the new Deafcon Reference series that is the result of a joint effort between Wakeside Design Studio whose aim was to build a pair of wakeboard tower speakers that has no peers and which after a lot of thought came up with excellently designed speakers that in collaboration with Skylon culminated with the Deafcon Reference Series which is nothing short of redefining what wakeboard tower speakers are all about.

With the Skylon Deafcon Reference series, you get loud music that is also crystal clear and its looks are exceptional and the fit and finish wonderful, and best of all they are lighter in weight so that there is least amount of tower flex required. Certainly, it is a pair of wakeboard tower speakers that are worth buying and will be sure to provide excellent sound output as well.

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