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Side Boat Wakeboard Rack

When you are shopping for wakeboarding helmets or other wakeboarding equipment and accessories, not only is it important to buy a quality product but also to make sure that you get the right fit. Getting the proper sized wakeboarding helmet, life vest, wakeboard, and bindings, is going to be critical to your performance on the water, and so it is definitely an issue that you are going to want to take seriously into consideration.

A wakeboard that is too big is going to feel heavy and awkward and will slow you down in the water, while one that is too small is going to make the ride too wild and out of control, especially for a beginner to the sport. Wakeboarding helmets are especially important to get fitted properly, in case something unfortunate happens when you are out on the water and you hit your head, you need to make sure that your helmet is tight and strapped on securely.

Making Your Purchase

If you do not already have a wakeboarding helmet, then of course the first step you are going to need to take is to find one. It is important to realize that because wakeboarding has become so incredibly popular over the years, there are now quite a few different options in terms of equipment and accessories.

Got River, for one, is a company that you can go to for wakeboarding helmets. They are a company that supplies everything you need for the sport of wakeboarding, including CWB wakeboards, Liquid Force wakeboards, Hyperlite wakeboards, bare dry suits, wakeboard accessories, Fusion Tower speakers and Fluid Concepts tower speakers, Protec helmets, and much more.

One of the wakeboarding helmets in particular that they offer is the Protec Ace Wake helmet, which features a high density injection molded shell, full surround interior fit system, removable cupping ear guards with water channels, and it is certified to CE En 1385 Water Sport Safety standards.

Another company that offers high quality and affordable wakeboarding helmets is BoardStop. This is a company that is renowned in the world of wakeboarding, and they feature helmets from the three major suppliers: Hyperlite, Capix, and Protec.

The Pointless Posse Wakecap is a fan favorite for sure, and it is worn by some of the top wakeboards in the country, including “The Pointless Posse”. It features flotation impact foam that will not retain water, removable earflaps for eardrum protection, and a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from.