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Side Boat Wakeboard Rack


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Wakeboarding can easily be considered as one of the most popular water sports today, and for very good reason. It is unique, fun and enjoyable, and can be taken on by people of all ages. There are a few different pieces of equipment that you are going to want to supply yourself with if you want to get into the sport of wakeboarding, namely a board and a wakeboard rack.

Wakeboard Racks

There are many wakeboard racks that are available on the market today, but there are a few models in particular that stand out. One is the Skylon Aftershock System Wakeboard Rack, which features the Aftershock system, a unique hinging bracket that fits between any vertical mount wakeboard and the clamp on the tower. It is unique because it features a custom made pneumatic shock that provides a slow and constant force to open the rack when the quick release handle is squeezed.

Then there are also the Skylon Tribal Rack wakeboard racks, which are engineered to be ultra-rigid with no rattles. They are CNC manufactured and chrome plated, making them extra durable, and the newly redesigned forks that they feature, help by holding your board in place even better. They feature the new 360 clamp system, machined Skylon logo on the plate and fork, and a special knob design that easily attaches and removes the racks without the need for tools.

The Skylon Skyrack Wakeboard Rack is another great option available to you here, one that is specifically designed for the 2.5” and 3.0” diameter Skylon Poles. It is able to hold up to four boards, available for 2.5 or 3.0 poles, and features heavy duty extruded aluminum hinge clamps and is rubberized non-slip protected.

Where To Shop

There are a few different companies in particular that you should be aware of when looking for wakeboard racks, especially if you are interested in getting the best quality for the lowest possible price. One is Stoke City, a company that is renowned around the world for its large and varied selection of wakeboard racks and related products and accessories.

Monster Tower is another great company here, one that also offers a wide range of racks and related wakeboarding gear, and all at very competitive prices. Just make sure, regardless of where you actually go to purchase your wakeboarding equipment, that you are getting all of the essential goods and that you are not paying more than you absolutely have to, as the equipment is already expensive enough to begin with.

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