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Good Advice On How To Build A Wakeboard Slider

Ok so you want to know how to build a wakeboard slider, eh? The first thing you do is make sure that your fingers cut across the seams of the ball and that you keep your fingers together through the whole pitch. As you release the ball you turn your wrist and that gives it the slide motion. Oh, wait a minute. That was how to throw a backdoor slider and not how to build a wakeboard slider. Sorry about that, I have to learn to slow down when I read things. When learning how to build a wakeboard slider you may want to keep in mind that someone will be grinding down the slider at very fast speeds so location is everything. Lining up the slider to end up into a bunch of large rocks may be funny, but it is also really cruel.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to build a wakeboard slider other than it needs to be secured wherever it is and, as mentioned before rocks are a hazard. Before we go any further on how to build a wakeboard slider maybe we should throw out some information on what exactly a wakeboard slider is. If you are familiar with the term “grinding a rail” in the skateboard world then you know what a wakeboard slider is. A wakeboard slider is a long tube set up so that the wakeboard rider can slide along it while doing their series of stunts. It is grinding a rail for a wakeboard.

Make It Slick

The first step on how to build a wakeboard slider is to always remember that the actual sliding surface needs to be slick and possibly even get slicker when water is added to it. That is why thick PVC plastic pipe is the best thing to use when you are learning how to build a wakeboard slider. PVC plastic pipe is slick and can be waxed to be even slicker and it can offer even less resistance when wet. The last thing you want is to hit your slider with your wakeboard and then get launched into the air because there is too much grab to your surface. That is a bummer, but even more importantly that can result in serious injury so avoid it when you are building your slider.

It is probably also a really bad idea to have your slider just floating out on the water. Always secure your slider in some way and always make sure it has support underneath it so that it does not disappear under the water when the wakeboard hits it. Sometimes people like to put their slider near the beach so that the wakeboard rider hits the slider and then safely ends their run by landing on the soft beach sand. This is a great idea just remember the whole thing about the rocks that we talked about earlier.

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