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Wakeboard Bindings Bolts

There are lots of different components that make up a wakeboard, all which have their own place and importance. Wakeboard fins are perhaps one of the most important components of all, and they are basically what work to keep your board traveling in the direction that you want it to go while you are out on the water. Wakeboard fins that have wider foils will move more water and create drag and lift under your feet, while those with thinner foils will push less water around and thus let the fin guide your board better and without as much resistance.

These fins work by preventing squirreling in the water and by creating drag, they pull down the tail of the board to track in the water. Remember that the size and shape of the fins you choose are going to have a serious impact in terms of how your board performs overall.

Choosing The Right Wakeboard Fins

There are several factors that you have to consider when you are purchasing your wakeboard fins. The first is fin configuration, and this is actually the most important of all. There are singles, quads, six fins, and molded-in fins. The molded-in fins tend to be the most popular because they maximize the edge hold because of the big edge channel or fin, which thereby allows riders to remove the center fin for sliders or smooth water, and yet still be able to retain the control that is necessary.

You also need to consider the depth and base of the wakeboard fins, and rocker and fin hole placement in particular should be considered when you are selecting a fin depth. Remember that extra rocker pulls the fin up out of the water and will thus compromise hold, as will a wider fin setting. You should measure the rocker first and fin holes in a complete board that feels the most comfortable to you, and then compare it to those that are in a new board that you are thinking about buying.

It is ideal to have a few different sets of fins, because having a few sets can give you almost as much versatility as owning a collection of complete boards. A long base shape with different depths and foils is going to offer you a great deal of riding variety, which is especially ideal for professional riders or those who like to get aggressive out on the water.

As long as you take all of these necessary issues into consideration when shopping for your wakeboard fins, you should not have any problems and you should come out very satisfied with your purchase.