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Wakeboarding is a very fun activity that involves being on the water and riding the wakes created by the boat that is pulling you forward that usually has a single outboard motor for this purpose. It is thought that this particularly activity came about from mixing up a few different waterborne activities such as surfing, and water skiing and also adding something from snow boarding and most would readily acknowledge that it is an offshoot (if not a copy) of surfing though each is different in its characteristics.

Towed At The Back Of A Boat

Wakeboarding requires that the wakeboarder be towed at the back of a boat much like water skiers do though the speeds are considerably less and not exceeding about twenty-three miles per hour, while beginners will need to go even slower and also use less amount of rope. It is only after a person becomes more experienced with wakeboarding that he or she can start wakeboarding at speeds of about twenty-five miles per hour, and with every change in speed the shape of the wake also changes.

There are no skis used as in water skiing and instead you will be on a wakeboard that comes with stationary as well as non-release bindings that will tie your feet to a board which is buoyant and not more than one hundred forty-seven centimeters in length though this can vary according to the wakeboarder’s height and weight.

In any case, you can consider wakeboarding to be the new form of water skiing with the main difference being that wakeboards have replaced the skis, and it also differs from water skiing in that it is fairly easy to learn and it is also an activity that can be done whenever you choose to do it as opposed to surfing that requires waiting for waves, and you can also do wakeboarding on all beaches though you must have a boat that will pull you along.

Wakeboarding is also an activity in which a person can express him or herself and there is a lot of freedom to attain new heights in it much like is possible when doing water skiing. The popularity of wakeboarding is growing and according to estimates, there are at present about a little over three million wakeboarders worldwide and as a wakeboarder you can expect to earn an average salary of about ninety-four thousand dollars.

Also, since wakeboarding is an extreme water sport there are more males (seventy five percent) as compared to females and ages range from thirteen to twenty-four though females are becoming more attracted to this activity as well and will soon make their presence felt in this male dominated activity.

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