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Building Websites The Basics
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Basic Of Website Building
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7cs Of Web Site Design


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7cs of web site design

As mentioned at this beginning, the purpose of this website was not to tryand show how you how to build a website itself, but more how to get a sitepublished. I really hope that it has helped.

Please also note, that the companies or products that I have outlined areonly suggestions that I have had personal positive experiences with. There arePLENTY of others out there. They can be found very easily using Google.

If you have found this useful, then please do continue to have fun andexperiment and feel free to email me any question or suggestions that you mayhave.

An excellent resource for further tips is 2 Create a Website - Website creation tutorial for beginners.


For further ideas on how to improve your web-site, please see Gary's Web Building Site . Here you will find tips on graphics, search engines, sound, and even a bit of Javascript! Well worth a look.

Please feel free to have a look at any of the other guides which can be found on this site at www.grabthebasics.com

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