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Basics To Build Website
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7 Cs Of Building A Website
7cs Of Website
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Basic Of Website Building
Basic Website Building
Basics Build Website
Basics Building Website
Basics Building Website
Basics For Website Building
Basics Of Building A Free Website
Basics Of Building A Site
Basics Of Building A Web Site
Basics Of Building A Webiste
Basics Of Building Site
Basics Of Building Website
Basics Of Creating A Website

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7cs Of Web Site Design


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7cs of web site design

What is an FTP Client?

Although you can upload a file to the internet without any special software,an FTP client will  make the job much easier. This special software is called anFTP Client. There are different FTP Clients available which can be found byclicking here, but one of the most secure and easiest to use of the free clients available is calledWS-FTP LE 

How do you use it?

The majority of FTP Clients are fairly similar in that they have two sides tothe screen.One shows your hard-disk with a list of the files that are on there and the other side shows yourweb-space with the files that are on there. In order to upload your files fromyour hard-disk to your web-space, all that you have to do, is to drag the filesover from one side to the other

How do you log in to WS-FTP LE using your www.portland.co.ukwebspace information?

When you sign up for web-space at www.portland.co.uksite you will receive an email with the subject 'Welcome to Portland CommunicationsLtd.' This will include all of the information necessary in order to log in toyour account using WS-FTP LE. To find this information, scroll down to the bottomof the email and you will see something like the following

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