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7cs Of Web Site Design

7cs of web site design

An example of a web-space provider who does give free space without anyadvertisements is PortlandCommunications Ltd. Their website can be found at www.portland.co.uk. Very briefly, I will take you through their sign-up process to obtain a freeaccount:

1. Type www.portland.co.ukinto your browser, or click here

2. Click on

3. On the next page, click on

4. On the next page, click on

5. Here you need to decide two things. The first is what your subdomain shouldbe and the second is your forwarding email address. Your subdomain can beanything from your name to your business or even your pet's name. But remember,that this is what will be part of your address. If you were to use example1,then your final address would be example1.port5.com . Your forwarding address shouldbe an email address where all email addressed to you will arrive. For example anything@example1.port5.comwould go to the address that is specified there.

You will shortly receive an email which has all of your account details on.This means that you now are the proud owner of some webspace. The reason why I think that Portland does it for free, is so that you willhopefully upgrade to one of their paid accounts at some time which has increasedfacilities