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Website Building Basics
April 24th, 2017

Taste the Ingredients of a Website?

In order for someone to look at your site, you need to save it somewhere. Intheory, you could just save it on your hard-disk and let others look at it there.In practice, it is complicated to enable others to look at your hard disk from aforeign exotic location. Therefore what you have to do isto put it on somebody else's computer (a server) that is used exclusively for this reasonand therefore is able to deliver it to your friend in Australia at speedand in the right fashion. 

There are many many companies out there who can supply you with web-space.Some will be for free and some you will have to pay for, but take into accountthat there is no such thing as a free lunch. The vast majority of those thatare free will add adverts to your page or make pop-ups appear when people viewyour page.

There are two main things to look out for when finding some web-space. One isthe amount of disk-space (in Mb) and the other is bandwidth that the web-spaceprovider will give you. The minimum mostweb-space providers will give you is 15Mb. This is more than enough for mostpurposes. The size of this whole page is about 10k . Although pictures or photosmay take up more space, you will learn how to make the size of photossmaller so that you can fit almost anything that you want into space of 15Mb.

Bandwidth is used to describe how much traffic leaves your web-space. Eachtime someone looks at a page which is 10k, 10k of bandwidth is used. So for eachMb that I have of bandwidth, 100 people can look at this page.  If I have agigabyte of bandwidth, then 100,000 people can look at this page in a month.That is a huge amount of people!

Depending on your knowledge of web-site creation you may also want to lookfor specific programs and languages that the web-hoster supports like SQL, Perl, CGI-scripts, PHP,ASP etc