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Website Building Basics
May 28th, 2017

Taste the Ingredients of a Website?

6. FTP Information

Domain Name: example1.port5.com 
FTP Server: ftp.portland.co.uk 
User ID: example 
Password: ******  
Forwarding email address: ben@benshaffer.co.uk

Domain Name
This is the website address that you can type into the browser in order toaccess your site. If you type it in without anything being uploaded to yoursite, then you will get an error. If you were to put your  file there calledhelloworld.html , then you would type into the browser http://example1.port5.com/helloworld.htmlin order to look at that page

FTP Server
This is the name or the address to which you are uploading your pages. It isequivalent to describing which drive you are saving information to if you wereto be saving onto your computer

User ID
This is your own personal user id that no-one else who has a site with Portlandwill have. You may want to think of it as your member name. Note that your UserID and the first part of your domain name perhaps may not be exactly the same

This is your personal password which you will need in order to gain access toyour website using FTP. With Portland there is no option as yet to change it

Forwarding email address
This is the address where all email that is sent to your domain held by Portlandwill be sent to. For example you may send an email to anything@example1.port5.comand it would then be automatically forwarded to ben@benshaffer.co.uk 

This is all of the information (and more) that you will need in order toupload files to your Portland Communications Web-space