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Yeast Concurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

As a man with yeast infection condition there is no need to be overly concerned that the condition is not properly treatable because in fact it can be easily be treated. The only problem is that men will obviously want to hide the fact from their friends because face it yeast infection is commonly considered as being a problem that affects women. However, once you realize that you have male yeast infection you can take heart from the fact that there is more than one remedy for male yeast infection available.

Simple And Effective

Some of these remedies for male yeast infection are very simple though effective and anyone can try them out and hope for desirable results. To begin with, the first and perhaps best remedy for male yeast infection is to take a shot of garlic and this remedy is more popular among men sufferers than women because the latter cannot stand the garlic’s rather strong taste. It does however mean needing to take a glass of milk or even olive oil and then cutting cloves of garlic that can be chewed while drinking down the milk to ensure that the taste is not too overbearing.

Garlic has wonderful anti-fungal properties and along with milk as well as olive oil the effects are very strong and positive.

Another equally effective remedy for male yeast infection, virgin coconut oil can do a lot of good for male yeast infection because it contains something called caprylic acid that is a wonderfully strong fighter of yeast. About two to a little more than three tablespoons of this on a daily basis will help remedy your infection and remove it from your body.

Though Monistat is touted as being female yeast infection medicine it can nevertheless prove to be a perfect remedy for male yeast infection as well. The only thing you need to be careful about when you use this remedy for male yeast infection is to ensure that it is not too strong and that it does not irritate your skin when applied to the skin of the penis. It is a good idea to first dilute it a bit to ensure irritation-free use and along with some vinegar the two can provide just the right potency to help get rid of male yeast function symptoms.

For women that have been diagnosed with vaginal yeast infection one of the first questions they will put to their doctors would be whether this condition can actually disappear off its own accord. Unfortunately, though the symptoms might fade they may not disappear totally.