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Yeast Concurrent Bacterial Vaginosis


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Understanding the causes of vaginal yeast infection can play an important role in dealing with the condition as well as preventing it in case it has not as yet struck you down. Some women might not suffer from vaginal yeast infection at all during their lifetime while others may be struck once in their lifetimes though a few have to deal with vaginal yeast infection more than once and for them the ordeal can be especially very trying.

Holistic Approach

The best way to prevent or deal with the condition once it has developed is to know the causes of vaginal yeast infection and then use a holistic approach to fight off the condition. The more knowledgeable a person is regarding the causes of vaginal yeast infection the better are the chances of effectively overcoming the problem.

The most obvious causes of vaginal yeast infection is of course the fungus known as Candida albicans that only causes trouble when it is allowed to proliferate and also overpower the good bacteria. It pays to be careful about using steroids as well as antibiotics as too birth control pills because these can lead to growth of Candida beyond acceptable levels leading to development of vaginal yeast infection.

Even having unprotected sex is believed to be among major causes of vaginal yeast infection. Of course, if you are having sexual intercourse with someone that is already infected chances is great that you too will become infected for which you will then need to seeking suitable medical treatments.

Another cause of vaginal yeast infection is using spermicidal creams or even foams that will upset the pH balance and lead to proliferation of Candida albicans and of course that is sure to lead to vaginal yeast infection. Even a douche can lead to alteration of pH balance and this will result in multiplication of Candida albicans.

Wearing skin-tight jeans and underwear including G-strings will make a woman perspire excessively and this creates the very conditions in which Candida albicans proliferates and that of course means that vaginal yeast infection will surely develop and strike you down.

Last but not least, the causes of vaginal yeast infection also include pregnancies during which time the hormonal balance of the expectant mother alters and allows the Candida albicans fungus to multiply.

Treating chronic vaginal yeast infection often means having to work in close association with a physician who will need to assess the condition and identify underlying causes of vaginal yeast infection and then will be able to prescribe the right treatment. Women with an HIV condition too can be more likely to suffer from chronic cases of vaginal yeast infection.

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