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Yeast Concurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

Male yeast infection or Male Candidiasis as it is known in medical parlance is really a condition that can cause men to feel greatly embarrassed and it is also difficult for them to cope with the condition after it has developed. Some men are actually nonplussed that men can even have a problem with yeast infection. The fact of the matter is that yeast infection is often too closely connected with women for it to be considered as being anything but a woman problem.

Candida Albicans

However, Candida albicans, the name for the fungus that causes yeast infection, likes to thrive in places that are warm and dark and also very moist. This means that a male penis qualifies as being suitable for yeast infection and the foreskin of the male penis in particular invites the yeast fungus the most. Once male yeast infection develops it not only embarrasses the male but also hurts them considerably.

Some of the common male yeast infection causes include prolonged use of antibiotics, unhealthy lifestyles, unprotected sex and bad nutrition. The first of these male yeast infection causes, prolonged use of antibiotics can over time kill off all the bad bacteria and at the same time kill good bacteria as well and when the latter occurs then Candida Albicans will thrive and cause male yeast infection.

Having unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman (especially one that is already infected) is another major male yeast infection cause. This means that both parties need to refrain from having sex with one another till their condition has been completed treated. Otherwise, risk of contracting the disease from the infected partner is very high.

A poor nutrition too is considered one of the main male yeast infection causes. If the nutrition is not right it allows the fungus to thrive and this of course leads to male yeast infection. Finally, a poor lifestyle and especially one that involves heavy consumption of beer is considered a major male yeast infection cause because the yeast thrives in beer and other fermented beverages.

Other possible male yeast infection causes include stress and diabetes as too HIV. To prevent the problem requires living healthy lives and eating balanced and proper foods and having safe and protected sex.

In regard to proper male yeast infection medicines the first choice is obviously to try over-the-counter medications. If you can use any medicine that has anti-fungal properties then you will stand a good chance of curing the problem. The same kind of medicines that are used to treat female yeast infection can also be used in treating male yeast infections.