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How To Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection And Bacterial Infection At The Same Time
Vaginal Bacterial Infection And Yeast Same Time
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Vaginal Yeast Infection And Bacterial Infection At Same Time
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Yeast Concurrent Bacterial Vaginosis


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Yeast infection is a natural condition that in most instances will not do a healthy body much harm. The only trouble is that often the balance of microorganisms that are deemed to be good for the person get disturbed in relation to other potentially harmful bacteria which in turn lead to too much yeast being allowed to develop which in turn leads to yeast infection. In most cases this infection occurs in places in the body that are very warm and moist and Candida Albicans, a common form of yeast infection is known to affect approximately seventy-five percent of all women at least once during their lifetimes.

Itchiness And Soreness

The most common yeast infection symptoms is feeling very intense or moderate itchiness as well as feeling sore and also experiencing pain during sexual intercourse. In addition, other yeast infection symptoms include feeling burning sensation when urinating and there is also sometimes a discharge in the vaginal area that looks milky and which also resembles cottage cheese.

Mostly, there are distinct vaginal yeast infection symptoms that are not what will be noticed in other conditions. The itchiness in the vaginal area is definitely a yeast infection symptom though it can also occur because a variety of other causes including due to presence of irritating chemicals that are normally found in soaps and detergents as well as in douches as too vaginal creams.

There is also a close connection between stress (psychological) and yeast infection symptoms since a stressed out person will react negatively and this impairs the functioning of their immune system which in turn increases the likelihood of yeast infection symptoms developing.

Pain during sexual intercourse is another common yeast infection symptom. In addition, often even the medications being taken to cure yeast infection can react negatively with the immune system and this can create a condition known as vaginitis which is nothing but infection in the vagina. And, what’s more, Candida albicans is the commonest form of yeast infection that in turn is a variant of vaginitis which can lead to feeling pain during sexual intercourse which of course is one more of the other typical yeast infection symptoms.

Finally, common yeast infection symptoms include vaginal discharge which however may not always be noticeable though it can easily be identified from its odorless nature and its white and thickish appearance that reminds you of cottage cheese.

Men too can develop yeast infection and so it is also necessary to find out more about male yeast infection symptoms. Typically, such symptoms are seen as being an irritation as too soreness of the head of the male penis which can also become quite itchy as well – just as is the case with female vaginal itchiness.

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